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Engaging in sports is a healthy way of releasing energy among the youth, not discounting the not-so-young. It combines physical, mental and social skills development. Makati Hope offers six varsity sports programs - badminton, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, chess, and track and field.

The teams are being trained by highly skilled and competent coaches, some of whom are members of the national team. Varsity players who demonstrate both potential and commitment to train are tapped to represent the school in inter-school competitions.

Members           G3-H4 students
Coach               Brent Wu

Members           G3-H4 students
Coaches            Ron Camara, Andrew Joseph Felix, Patrick Jude Navarro

Members           G1-H4 students
Coaches            Marguel Soria, Miel Bautista

Table Tennis
Members           G3-H4 students
Coach               Susan Tayag

Track and Field
Members           G3-H4 students
Coaches            Emerson Obiena, Nixon Mas, Riezl Buenaventura

Members          G3-H4 students
Coaches           Benson Bocboc, Misha Quimpo, Camille Cerveza, Jennifer Ko


The athletics program is also extended to the faculty and staff.  Teachers and office personnel undergo training alongside the track and field varsity team not only to improve their health and fitness but also to prepare for inter-school sportsfests such as the Filipino-Chinese Amateur Athletic Federation’s Mini Olympics held February 16, 2014 wherein MHCS emerged as the overall champion.  MHCS was also the back-to-back champion in the sportsfest organized by the Association of Chinese-Filipino Schools in the Philippines in 2006 and 2008, besting other Filipino-Chinese schools with much larger delegations.