Webinars, workshops offered to students, parents, teachers on school’s 36th

Webinars and workshops will be held for the Makati Hope Christian School (MHCS) community to celebrate the school’s 36th founding anniversary. Students, parents, and teachers can participate in different activities from February 15 to 19. Students from clusters 1 to 4 have workshops ranging from arts, sports, academics, and health. Clusters 1 and 2 will have Arts, Dance, Theatre, Chess, Koobits, Having Fun in Comic Strips Making for Beginners, Essential First Aid: Bruises, Burns, Stings, Sprains and other Ouches!, Protecting Brains Can Be Fun and Happy Fit at Home. On the other hand, clusters 3 and 4 will have Arts, Dance, Theatre, Chess, Essential First Aid: Bruises, Burns, Stings, Sprains and other Ouches!, Understanding Consumer Behavior, Let’s Get Real: Social Media Journalism in Times of Fake News, Happy Fit at Home, and Scholastic (for cluster 3). The parents can also take part in webinars such as “How to protect your Savings and Deposits? (How to be a wise saver for a safe and responsible banking)” and “How will children be shaped by the New Normal?”. The teachers will also have a webinar and in-service training. There will also be a Thanksgiving Program on February 15 which will be conducted in the students’ classes. In that week, the Early Childhood Department (ECD) will have their Art Day on February 19 and the 2nd Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) to occur on February 16 and 18. When the pandemic came, the school took the needed safety procedures and went online. The school’s history MHCS was founded in 1985 in Makati City to provide Christ-centered education to its students, starting with only five teachers and 25 preschool students but is now the home to over a hundred teachers and students. A year after its foundation, it was granted government recognition to Nursery and Kindergarten, while acknowledgment to finish Elementary was given in 1989. Four years later, the school was granted government recognition to the First to Fourth Years of General Secondary Course. The K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum was applied in 2012. After four years, the school started using Google for Education. In the following year; XSEED textbooks were used by the students. In 2018, the school was given Level I ACSCU Accreditation to Preschool, Elementary & High School and started their partnership with Sister Schools New Zealand.