Programs Offers

Language Institute

Makati Hope Language Center exists to provide holistic and innovative English language education for foreign students in order to enable them to be responsive to the challenges of the times. MHLC becomes the bridge to the evolving world by empowering students through language.

To see foreign nationals competitively achieve excellence in global English communication.

To be the preferred learning environment for students in their conquest of the English language.

To enable students to reach their full potential to communicate with ease in English in both academic and social contexts.

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Early Childhood Development

We are looking forward to getting to know you and your child! At Makati Hope we strive to develop your child socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. Your involvement, interest, and enthusiasm will help make their learning experience more memorable and fun.

Remember that Kindergarten is a “child’s garden.” Learning is accomplished by doing, touching, and experiencing. Most of the time, the process is more important than the product.

A child’s first and most important teacher is his or her parents. We therefore encourage communication between parents and teachers. Please call or send a note if you have a question or concern.

Our goal is to make a good, responsible citizen out of every child and we can start by having the discipline to abide by the rules and regulations set by the school.

Thank you, parents, for your cooperation. We need your support in our endeavor to make our school a better place for your child to get the education that they deserve.


In its more than three decades of existence, Makati Hope Christian School has established a reputation for being an institution that provides quality education.

In the elementary department, the curriculum is enhanced by utilizing the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework, which has been shown by research to improve student achievement. Emphasizing the teacher’s critical role as a designer of student learning, UbD works within the standards-driven curriculum to help teachers clarify learning goals, devise revealing assessments of student understanding, and craft effective and engaging learning activities.

Our highly-qualified and seasoned teachers are committed to bring out the best in every learner. Cognizant of the importance of identifying and celebrating individual differences, they create a learning environment that is safe, stimulating and enjoyable. Also, they provide opportunities for students to solve problems, think creatively and critically, make decisions and become independent learners and thinkers. These are competencies that are of great importance in today’s information and knowledge-driven society.

High School

Makati Hope fosters an (1) engaging, (2) responsive, (3) integrative, and (4) Christ-centered and values-oriented college preparatory curriculum that will serve to meet students’ diverse needs and characteristics:


  • Involves students in higher order thinking
  • Promotes deep knowledge and understanding
  • Engrosses students in meaningful conversations and interactions with the teacher and with fellow students
  • Allows them to make connections beyond the classroom
  • Provides for self-assessment of performance

Home School

The MHCS Homeschool Program (MHCS-HSP) is a Flexible Learning Option in MHCS that provides a solution for families when it comes to educating their children.

True to its vision of providing holistic Christian education, the MHCS Homeschool Program integrates biblical values in all the lessons, while it covers all the learning domains just like in the regular Nursery, Pre-Kinder and Kinder classes. Although the basic medium of instruction is English, MHCS-HSP also offers basic Chinese lessons for young learners.

MHCS-HSP is suitable for young learners ages 2 years and 10 months up to 5 years and 10 months. However, it is important to note that the MHCS Homeschool Program requires the full support of the parent or the adult designated as the primary instructor, in order to achieve success in the delivery and implementation of instruction.